Becker Farms: A booming business

On a typical Friday at Becker Farms, one would be surprised to see lots going on around them. At first glance you might see people leaving with fresh-picked apples or pumpkins and little kids taking pictures by the haystacks and cornstalks. But look closer and you’ll see adults tasting Becker Farm’s own micro-brewed beer or hard cider, even the wine that is made from their own leftover fruit. In addition to that, one of the hundreds of weddings that are held there every year is being set up at one of the two venues they offer, and preparations are in order for the haunted hayride that will take place that night. And while all this is going on the aroma of fresh made cider donuts fill the air.


For owners Oscar and Melinda Vizcarra, this is a normal Friday and it’s what they have been working on for the past 36 years. In 1979, they got married and began turning Becker Farms into the entrepreneurial empire it is today.

“Every year we have listened to what our customers wanted,” Melinda said.

Read here for the full story on Becker Farms


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