Village of Lewiston: Church/theater renovation deal falls through

Recent plans presented to renovate the church/theater on Plain Street in Lewiston have been put on hold. The Sentinel learned Thursday a deal to purchase the 114-year-old building fell through midweek.

“Our lawyer went to pick up the contract from the owner; we had met all of the conditions – the price, everything through all of this time,” Claudia Marasco said. “When (our) lawyer called the owner’s lawyer and said that he would like to get the contract … he was just told that the owner has decided not to sell, and will give no reason why.”


Members of the Village Board favored the idea of refurbishing and reopening the building at 409 Plain St., which was the original site of St. Peter R.C. Church (circa 1901). Artpark & Company and Niagara University most recently used the venue for theater productions.

“I think you’ve got three women who are really going to put their heart and soul into this, and keep a historic building from falling into ruin,” Trustee Vic Eydt said at Monday’s monthly board meeting.

Get the full story here.


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