Mount View offers seniors a new lease on life

At Mount View Assisted Living in Lockport, seniors aren’t considered “old people.” They’re not forced into stereotypical hobbies or limited on what they can or can’t do. In fact, they’re encouraged to think past limitations – age, sickness, injury or anything else that would slow a person down.

“We try to do things that are different here,” owner David Tosetto said. “We are not your average assisted living (facility). Our expectations are a lot higher for our residents, which means that our expectations of ourselves are a lot higher.

“We don’t store people here. We really restart their life and give them a whole different place to go. And it starts with their surroundings.

“We get them to a point where they don’t believe that they can get to. We support them and get it to that point. But then I tell them all, ‘Now I surprise you; now you surprise me.’ ”

Mount View offers nursing assistance, medication management, medical care coordination and personal, hands-on attention.

The assisted living program’s level of state licensing allows its personnel to bathe and dress those in need of such services.

“We’re the highest level of assisted living,” Tosetto noted.

That said, Mount View takes pride in coaching clients back to health.

“This is more than just assisting people with their medication; more than assisting them getting dressed. This is assisting them, literally, rejoining society,” he said. “And it’s awesome.”

When residents are back up on their feet, they can enjoy a dinner theater performance in the main dining room, meet with family and friends in the ’50s-themed diner, or engage in the activities listed on that hallway calendar.

There’s even a full salon.

“You look at the salon,” Tosetto said. “You go to any assisted living facility, the salon would be a quarter this size. Why? Because you make no money off of the salon. …

“In our world, I want people to sit here and gather and talk and socialize. Because think about your mom. Think about your grandmother. What’s a happy place for them to be? In the salon.

To read more about this fantastic facility, click here.


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