Brickyard expanding, taking over Brio

Top Lewiston restaurateurs Ken Bryan and Eric Matthews are expanding by subtraction.

They have closed one of their four village restaurants, Brio Pizzeria, 440 Center St., in order to merge the business and building with their most popular eatery, the neighboring Brickyard Pub & B.B.Q. Their new, two-floor establishment will be called Brickyard Brewing Co.

As its name suggests, beer will be brewed on site – similar to what’s seen at Pearl Street Grill & Brewery in downtown Buffalo.

A new kitchen will connect the two existing buildings, as will a small people moving-section. The Brickyard’s east side kitchen smokers will be moved inside the restaurant to accommodate the union.

The Brickyard Brewing Co. will have a rebuilt first floor and refurbished outside patio. The second floor will be expanded and used for banquets. It will boast an outdoor deck overlooking Center Street.

To read more on the expansion, click here.


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