Village of Lewiston: Paladino plaza, Fairchild on Planning Board agenda

It’s time for another round of discussion and debate concerning the two largest active construction proposals in the Village of Lewiston.

The Historic Preservation Committee/Planning Board expects to receive updates Monday on Ellicott Development’s plan to build a commercial plaza on Center Street’s north side, as well as developer James Jerge’s designs for the former Fairchild Manor nursing home site.

Unlike past meetings, which have been numerous for both projects, the Planning Board is ready to consider and approve first submittals from both parties.

“What we’re looking for Monday is any changes that they’ve made – material changes to the concept,” Planning Board Chairman Norm Machelor said.

“The only thing that was lacking on the first submission (at previous meetings) was the water plans and, since they’re in, then we’ll let them go,” he added. “And then, of course, we start into the second submission, which gets into even more detail.”

Village of Lewiston residents are encouraged to attend the 6:30 p.m. meeting, which is expected to take place inside the Red Brick Municipal Building gymnasium, 145 N. Fourth St.

To read the whole story, click here.


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