Chamber Awards Gala: Paul Waterstrat named Youngstown Citizen of the Year

Paul Waterstrat 

Village of Youngstown Citizen of the Year Paul Waterstrat

Village of Youngstown Mayor Raleigh Reynolds and village trustees chose Paul Waterstrat as the 2017 Village of Youngstown Citizen of the Year.

Paul is one of those behind-the-scenes volunteers who do all of the work without question. He has been instrumental in assisting the Village of Youngstown Recreation Committee ensure its events are a success.

Paul lives in the Village of Youngstown with his wife, Pam. They have two sons, Max and Evan, who grew up participating in the Village of Youngstown recreation program and continue to help when needed.

Pam has been involved as a commissioner of the program for the past 15 years. As with many great relationships, when one family member is involved, everyone is! Paul has volunteered for the recreation programs, behind the scenes, and is always ready to help. He always seems to know what has to be done.

The Youngstown recreation program is one of the best programs in the region. Many children from the Village of Youngstown have fond memories of events and programs. Paul has enjoyed watching kids who used to be a part of the recreation program, when his sons were involved, come back and volunteer. He has noticed the level of participation over the years has stayed the same – which is a good thing, considering all of the technology options most children have today to serve as entertainment. From open gym time and the Nancy Price 5K run, to Christmas and Halloween parties for the children, there are recreation activities and programs planned all year long.

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